Specialized information system of project administration for exhibition companies


EXPOOfficecreates a working team environment and fulfills most of the daily functional needs of a company


Customer management

Fast interaction with customers, preservation of communication history, forcasting, proactive tracking through the contact monitor, customer segmentation, analysis of managers, order tracking


Project management

Exhibition calendar, structured stage-by-stage project management, template making, time tracking, alert system, incident management, exhibition and stage calendars, matrix approach


Cost accounting and payroll 

Accounting for all costs in the context of projects, specialized models of accounting labor costs and costs for vehicles, calculating the profitability of projects, calculating bonuses for employees using various schemes, calculating wages, estimates based on templates


Role document flow

Storage of any documents, role-based access to the required documents, complete change history, approval cycles, graphic display of images, work with MS Office documents online


Warehouses and applications

Unlimited number of material and rental warehouses, & nbsp; reservation of rental equipment and furniture, for certain dates,; automatic accounting of consumed materials and leases for projects, pro-project applications with branched routes and analysis of the state of warehouses, automated purchase requests.


Online services

Exhibition calendar of the largest sites in Russia with data on installations, procurement portal, specialized tender portal, recruitment section, logistics portal.


EXPOOffice presented in three major editions, differing in functional content



for 1 user license

Designed for small and medium-sized companies, design studios, event-companies, design and design groups, to which standard projects are conducted, customer base, project workflow

Customer base

Project management

Role document flow

Contact management



for 1 user license

Designed for medium-sized companies with their own production, service units, with the need for costs analyzys  financial analysis, optimization and payroll

"START" plus:

Cost accounting

Salary and Bonuses

Intellectual estimates

Statistics and analytics



for 1 user license

Designed for medium and large companies with their own production, warehouses, logistics services and supply departments, built-up supply chains

"STADARD" plus:

Material warehouses

Rental warehouses

Application management

Inventory control

Specialized hosting for the EXPOOffice system with redundant data backup and the highest system speed (EU placed)

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